All you need to know about Orlando!

Hi! I  am your friendly neighborhood REALTOR in the Orlando area! I went to school for business and have my Bachelor's Degree in Business and Management.  I am available to answer any questions regarding purchasing a home for yourself or any questions involving an investment property.

I have also become a social media guru that explores the city and brings it to life in my social media platforms, bringing you all the updated events and whats hot in Orlando!

On my social media platforms you will find all my adventures and find all the hot spots in Orlando. From food, family spots, events, lounges, and much much more! Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with my daily adventures!

I reply to all of my direct messages asking me anything and everything with Orlando and my adventures in it, so feel free to ask me anything! Also, for any companies in the area that want to collaborate also feel free to direct message me.

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